Focus on fuel for before.

Now though I would like to zero in on fueling the body before and after exercise., heavy workouts. When it comes to working out especially at such an intense level it is extremely important to properly fuel your body for each workout. Working out on an empty stomach is not going to be very effective and certainly will not provide the adequate fuel needed to complete your exercise session. If you workout first thing in the morning, and you find it difficult to eat a large breakfast keep it small but packed with carbs, fat, and protein. Please note that ALL foods fall into these 3 groups. Carbs, protein & fat. Maybe a hardboiled egg , toast, with fruit or vegetable juice or an apple with nut butter, or a nut and fruit bar. The combo of nutrients are going to give you the perfect fuel to push through the workout at 100% effort.

Many rumors have gone around that it is good to workout on an empty stomach so you can burn through your fat stores. That is simply not true. Your body will always pull from it’s glycogen stores in the muscles first in combination with fat stores. In addition, you will be able to exert more force and effort into your workout after having a small meal, allowing you to burn even more calories, then you would ever be able to without eating first. Make sure to allow a good 30 minutes before your workout to avoid getting side cramps, or nauseous.

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Fueling your body

I.E. Building your lean mean body machine
In the BIG picture AND if you get confused by diet, exercise, and a healthy happy life—The BIG picture is IT.
Fueling the body—- eating- can be enjoyable and smart. I always tell clients and friends, your body is an amazing machine,-put in good clean fuel in and run your machine? Move it! And you will have a have a lean mean machine. Like a fine sports car, that you care for.
Or you could put crappy .cheap , clogging fuel in and never care/use your body machine and it will run poorly , run sluggish, with no get up and go and will probably break down faster. It’s really your choice
I will address diet , nutrition more in future writings as people really have trouble changing their eating habits.

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Big Picture Training Tips

Trying to get back into exercise? Don’t overdo it. Do low to moderate level activities you enjoy (or at least don’t hate) and be consistent. You can slowly increase the duration and intensity of activities and that way you won’t talk yourself out of it. Procrastination takes more energy than exercise!

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